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Whiteabbey Primary School, Newtownabbey

185th Anniversary Outdoor Play Project

16th Mar 2024

In 2024 our school celebrates our 185th Anniversary.  To mark this and to leave a lasting memory for our children, our school and our Parent & Teachers’ Association (PTA) have agreed, over the next few years, to co-fund an ambitious programme of improvements in all our outdoor play areas.

Some ideas of our proposed plan are attached. The costs that are included in the plan are the current quoted purchase costs of the items, plus their related install costs and any remedial surfacing post install. The costs are the total completed costs including VAT and not what our PTA are hoping to fundraise on their own. The total costs are being shared equally between our school funds and our PTA fundraising and we hope to deliver the works over a phased period of time that can commence as soon as we have the needed funds for each part of the plan. This could be as early as the summer of 2024.

We thank our PTA for their courage and foresight required to provide not only for our children today, but also for those children in the years to come who will also be part of our community. Our mantra is your best is good enough and we know our community will not be found wanting. This ambitious and yet worthwhile plan will materialise for our children and for the hundreds and thousands of children yet to come.  In 1839 those few individuals who agreed to found a small school on the Shore Road had tremendous hope and belief in a school that continues to grow and to do its best for generations of our children. Our 185th Anniversary Play Project focuses on maintaining the current play provision and enhancing it for our current children and for those children who will run, jump and play in their footsteps.

If anyone has any questions regarding the plan or this fundraising project please don't hesitate to contact Mr Wysner on: