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Year 1 Applications


If your child is starting pre-school or primary school in September 2024, you can apply for their place online, using the Education Authority Website. Applications open online from noon on Tuesday 9th January 2024 until noon on Friday 26th January 2024.

The form should be completed online and the original child's birth certificate and any supporting information (if required) scanned and uploaded with your online application.  At the initial application we only require the child's birth certificate but we do reserve the right to ask for proof of address at a later point in the process.

We would encourage parents to also read our admissions criteria:


Priority will be given to children who will have attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed admission, over those who will not have attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed admission.

In selecting children for admission, children resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission will be selected for admission to the school before any child not so resident.

Admissions criteria to be used in the event of the school being oversubscribed. The criteria are listed in order of priority.

  1. Children who have a child of the family currently enrolled in our school.
  2. Children of staff currently employed in our school.
  3. Children who live within the area comprising property on both sides of the Shore Road towards Belfast as far as the Hazelbank roundabout. From there, the Belfast-Larne railway line forms the boundary as far as the Bleach Green viaducts, where the boundary becomes the Bleach Green / Belfast-Coleraine railway line as far as the Jordanstown Road bridge at Monkstown. From there the catchment area incorporates the Rosemount and Mount Pleasant housing developments, to the disused railway line between Monkstown and Greenisland. The boundary then extends along the disused railway line before turning towards Belfast Lough and incorporating all of the Hartley Hall and Shorelands developments. The catchment area is completed by Belfast Lough forming the southern boundary.  A map showing this area is available to download from our school webpage: 

NB: If at any sub-division of Criterion 3 the school becomes oversubscribed the subsequent sub-divisions will be used to differentiate between applicants.

      3.1 Children who are the first/eldest or only child in the family currently able to apply to a mainstream primary school. (Parents can provide one of the following documents to prove eldest or only child: a letter from child’s current day care or nursey, or a member of the Clergy, Solicitor, or Public Servant such as a Health visitor or Education professional directly involved with the family.)

      3.2 Children who are from families who have moved into the designated area (Point 3 above) within the current academic year and have older brothers or sisters seeking admission to the school.

      3.3 Children who attend the traditional feeder Nursery Schools, i.e. Monkstown Nursery School, (Jennings Park), Whitehouse Nursery School, and St. James’ Nursery School.

At this stage of the process if the school remains oversubscribed this final stage will be used to differentiate between applicants:

    4. Children who live nearest to the school as decided by a straight line from their normal residence, to the main gates of the school, as determined from Spatial NI.

We use this document to select our pupils should we be over subscribed each year.  Parents will be informed on 25th April 2024 if they are successful in securing a place for their child in our school.  

Parents are invited to arrange to tour our school in early January 2024 by emailing 


Applications for Admission into Year 2 - Year 7

Our Board of Governors limit the number of children in each class to 30 children*.  From time to time places for children become available in our P2 to P7 year groups.  The application process for admission to P2 to P7 classes is slightly different to P1 and places are filled according to our ongoing Waiting List.  To enquire if there is a place in your child's most suitable year group you should in the first instance contact our school office