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Whiteabbey Primary School, Newtownabbey

"Hope" by Jamie Perry P7B

5th Nov 2021

Our Year 7 children were involved in creative writing using the stimulus of various photos. This piece of writing is entitled "Hope" by Jamie Perry P7B and Jamie used the photograph below as the stimulus.


I sit alone on a bench, looking down at the flower I had picked out from the ground. Rain pouring down on me almost as if it knows how I’m feeling. I have my big, warm coat on to keep me warm on this cold, winter night. I’m sitting on this bench, sad at the dead of night.

I’ve lost basically everything now; first my dad, then my mum, dog, nan, grandad, cousins, uncles, aunties and now my wife. I’ve been sitting here for three hours thinking about what I’ve lost. Lampposts surround me, their light beaming down on my shoulders.

As soon as I am about to get up, I see someone crying sitting on bench opposite from me. I walk over to them and sit beside them, wrapping my coat around them as they only have a t-shirt on. I ask them, ‘’What’s wrong?’’ They answer with their voice cracking, ‘’I-I lost my m-mum earlier today.’’

‘’I’ve lost people too, it’s life, horrible and cruel but we have to fight through it.’’ I replied.

‘’You’re right, thank you for helping me.’’ the gentleman replied. He gets up giving me my coat back and starts walking away. I think it’s time I should go home as well.

I arrive home, it’s nice and warm and I can still smell my wife’s perfume. I think about all my loved ones while I drink my tea. Once I have finished, I will clear up and head upstairs to bed to dream of happier times.